As It Was in the Beginning: A New Book About Ancient Christianity Challenges Protestant Assumptions

Let’s stop talking about the “early Church” as something past and gone, says a new book by a bestselling Catholic author. It’s still with us today, in every way that matters.

Catholic Answers apologist Joe Heschmeyer, whose Pope Peter is the definitive popular defense of the papacy, now tackles the oft-heard claim that only the very earliest Christianity was “pure” and untainted by the Roman inventions that later became Catholic dogma. Drawing on copious evidence from Christian writings and practices of the first two centuries, The Early Church Was the Catholic Church shows that the most ancient Christians believed, worshiped, and governed themselves in ways recognizable in the Catholicism of today—and of all the unbroken centuries in between.

“All of Protestantism depends on the myth of an early apostasy,” says Todd Aglialoro, director of publishing for Catholic Answers. “Only if Christianity became corrupted within a few centuries could the Reformers’ claims be true. But what if the very earliest believers, some within living memory of apostles, lived and prayed like Catholics? In that case, maybe there never was a corruption—and the Catholic Church is still the one that Jesus founded.”

No longer do we have to imagine a “pure” Christianity as something trapped in the mists of time, distant and mysterious and subject to endless re-interpretation. The Early Church Was the Catholic Church shows us what Jesus’ Church was like from the very start—and still is like today.

About the Author:
Joe Heschmeyer is a staff apologist for Catholic Answers.

SOURCE Catholic Answers

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