The different ways Mark Wahlberg has shared his faith on Ash Wednesday

Take a look back at the actor's messages to his fans in recent years as Lent begins.

In recent years, the father of four, fitness guru, and actor who has most recently starred as Father Stu has shared pictures of himself with his ashes boldly smeared on his forehead as a witness to his faith, and to inspire his fans with his love of God.

So at a moment in history where we need to come together and seek God’s intervention more than ever, we’ve gathered some of Wahlberg’s posts from the last few years to remind you that wearing your ashes is not just about living your faith, but inviting those who may not know their meaning to learn more about their importance and their place in the Lenten period, and to spread your love of God.

“More love, more peace…”

Happy Ash Wednesday if you are a Catholic

Source: Catholic Answers

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